Embedded Systems for Open-Source Applications

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We have just upgraded our website. Please let us know of any problems at support@hacom.net.

New Products

  1. OpenBrick-M N2930 - Building an Application Server. The OpenBrick-M N2930 is a small form factor (SFF) desktop based on the Intel 1.83Ghz Celeron N2930 processor. The dimension is about 7.6 inch (W) x 8.3" (L) x 2.5" (H), weighs less than 6lbs and runs fanless in the base configuration. We will attempt to explain some of the expendable configurations and to suggest appropriate applications.
  2. Building an Intel C2750 1U Network Server - It demonstrates on how to build any mini-ITX systems, using the ASRock C2750D4I as an example, with Hacom 1U U server case with built-in Flex-ATX PSU, using the Universal I/O Shield.


For over 13 years, Hacom has been supporting the open-source community with high quality computing hardware to build networking appliances, as well as security and multimedia applications.

One of our unique features of hardware has been very small-footprint cases with ability of the systems to boot directly from an on-board compact flash memory. Except for the 1u rackmount systems and the OpenBrick-M systems, they are all designed to operate fanlessly, suited for embedded and network applications. They have become the best choice for open-source network applications, i.e. pfSense®, IPCop.

We are a Debian Gnu/Linux shop. Our Linux expertises have assisted companies to build embedded applications on our hardware platforms.

Hacom has also been providing custom engineered and built computer systems and networking solutions for some of the most demanding Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), large enterprises and small to medium-size businesses everywhere. Their applications range from Linux-based medical devices to innovative researches in networking as well as control and automation applications.