EmergeCore IT-100

IT-100 Back
IT-100 Inside

EmergeCore IT-100. Fanless 500Mhz Transmeta Crusoe TM5600. 2 x RTL8100B 10/100 Ethernet: 1 x WAN and 1xLAN (4-port switch hub). 128MB SDRAM SO-DIMM. 32MB Compact Flash. 20GB EIDE laptop harddrive. Intersil 802.11b (Mini-PCI)


  1. Hacom has acquired some of the remaining inventory of the EmergeCore IT-100. It is offered AS-IS (NO SOFTWARE), with one-year warranty on the hardware only.
  2. Memory is fixed at 128MB!
  3. To access the it-100 as a development platform, a low-power PCI VGA card with a PCI-riser and a USB keyboard are required. We have used the Diablotek VARX-8P ATI Rage XL 8MB PCI Video card from Microcenter successfully. 
  4. The EmergeCore IT-100  is a great complete platform for running OpenWRT, older versions of pfSense, IPCop and M0n0wall due to limiited RAM memory. The inital offering is for computer geeks who prefer to tinker with the hardware directly.


  1. Firewall/VPN Security Appliance
  2. Telephony/PBX
  3. POS (Point of Sale) Terminal, Kiosk
  4. Industrial/laboratory automation/controllers
Weight: 8 lb
Price: $79.99
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SKU: IT-100
EmergeCore IT-100 Specifications
Processor - Transmeta Crusoe TM5600 500 Mhz Fanless CPU.
Chipset - Ali M1535 (South Bridge)
System Memory - 128MB PC133 SDRAM SO-DIMM
Onboard LAN - 2 x Realtek RTL8100B 10/100 Ethernet: 1 x WAN and 1 x LAN as a 4-port switch hub
Onboard IDE/SATA - 32MB Compact Flash
- 20GB EIDE Laptop harddrive
Expansion Slots - 1 x PCI
- 1 x Mini-PCI (used by the Intelsil 802.11b card)
Back Panel I/O - 2 x USB 1.1
- 1 x RS-232 COM port
- 1 x Parrallel port
- 1 x 10/100 Ethernet (WAN)
- 4 port switch hub ( 1 x 10/100 Ethernet)
Dimensions -  246mm x 240mm x 54mm
Warranty - 90-Day Limited for hardware only!

IT-100 Demonstration Video

Following is demonstration of how to use an internal CDROM to install software for development on the IT-100.

IT-100 Software Install

To install a pre-built software image on the 20G HD of the it-100, a PC board from an external USB EIDE laptop hard drive enclosure is used. This video demonstrates such a technique. The pre-built software images are available for download at http://www.hacom.net/catalog/pub/it-100. There are images for Debian Linux, pfSense, IPCop.

IT-100 pfSense Install

This video shows how to install pfSense on an IT-100. Using a Linux system, It shows how to download the pfSense software image, to write the image to the hard drive using a pc board in an external USB laptop hard drive enclosure. It also shows how to use the serial terminal to connect to the IT-100

Support & Warranty

Support Information

  • Send us e-mail on support questions. E-mail: support@hacom.net
  • Contact us by phone: 567-859-9422
  • Submit a question via a web form.
  • We will asnwers pre-sale and support questions within a business day


  • One-Year Limited Warranty.

Additional Information