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Following are the current BIOS which include:

  • Serial console redirection.
  • ACPI fix for pfSense/FreeBSD (for cv700a/cv702a and 3v700d systemboards only).

WARNING: BIOS update is a dangerous procedure. It should only be attempted by a person understanding the risk as well as the procedure.

CV700A/CV702A systemboard:

3V700D systemboard:

CV763A/CV763B systemboard:

CI852A systemboard:

DOS-based Flash Utility:

How to Update the BIOS?

  1. Download the 64MB FreeDOS image for a USB flash drive.
  2. Flash the image into any USB flash drive:
  3. Boot up from the USB flash drive.
    • Select to run FreeDos without any drivers.
    • There is a directory BIOS on the flash drive: drive C: or drive B:. Change to that directory
    • Change to the directory that constains the correct BIOS image for the systemboard; for example, CV700A, CV763A or CI852A
    • Run the flash utility: AWDFLASH.EXE. Type "AWDFLASH /H" for help.
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