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Compact Flash IPCop Software


IPCop is a Linux distribution designed specifically for firewalls and VPN gateways. It also includes an IDS (Intrusion Detection System), which logs in possible attacks against the internal network or the firewall itself. The OpenBrick-E and 1U Rackmount are perfect hardware platform for this dedicated purpose. They have three (3) to four (4) LAN interfaces partition the network into three to four zones: WAN (Red), LAN (Green), DMZ (Orange) and optional ZONE.

Hacom's IPCop distribution also includes the certain IPCop add-ons to provide better network security in areas of:
- Enhanced firewall/gateway with a complete control over network traffic: BlockOutTraffic (BOT).
- VPN with both IPSec and OpenVPN functionality.
- Unwanted URLs and domain blocking via urlfilter .
- Wireless networking: wlanap.

Notes on IPCop compact flash images.

Hacom's IPCop images are available on the company website at http://support.hacom.net/pub/ipcop/ . To access them, please visit the parent directory: http://support.hacom.net/pub/ first, then navigate down to the ipcop subdirectory.

Following are named according to the convention: ipcop-[version]-hacom-[flash-size]-[boot-up-drive].img.gz

[version]- indicates the base version of IPCop. The current version at this revision is 1.4.21.
[flash-size] - indicates the sizes of the compact flash.
[boot-up-drive] - indicates boot-up drive. For most Hacom products, the compact flash is the secondary master drive or /dev/hdc. The AMD Geode Phoenix 2 uses the compact flash as primary master drive or /dev/hda. USB external drives use the /dev/sda versions.

For example, ipcop-1.4.21-hacom-1gb-hdc.img.gz is the 1gb compact flash image for the cv700a3r, cv763a4r, or ci852a4r systems booting up as an /dev/hdc drive.


To install the IPCop software on a compactflash system to be used with Hacom systems, you will need the following:

  1. Download the correct image for your compact flash.
  2. Using USB compactflash reader/writer to write the image to the compact flash. For example, use the following command to write the image to a 256MB compact flash for the OpenBrick-E, or systems booting from the secondary IDE master drive, (/dev/hdc).

    gunzip -c ipcop-1.4.21-hacom-256-hdc.img.gz | dd of=/dev/sda bs=16k

  3. The "root" password is "ipcop". The admin password is "admin1". Please secure your installation immediately.
  4. After the initial installation, please execute the "setup" command to configure your IPCop system as desired.
  5. Specific Hacom's IPCOP documentation is at http://support.hacom.net/pub/ipcop/ipcop%20note.pdf . Further instructions are detailed at the on-line documentation available on the IPCop website.


  1. There is no warranty. The software is meant for experts. It could destroy your hard drive.
  2. General technical support is only bundled with our system purchases. Certain advanced configurations, in particularly of the advanced proxy, mail and web content filtering, require the premium consulting services on a hourly support contract.
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