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Compact Flash pfSense Software


pfSense is FreeBSD 6.x system designed specifically for firewalls and VPN gateways. It is derived from the m0n0wall operating system platform with radically different goals such as using OpenBSD's ported Packet Filter, FreeBSD 6.1 ALTQ (HFSC) for excellent packet queueing and finally an integrated package management system for extending the environment with new features. The OpenBrick-E and 1U Rackmount are perfect hardware platform for this dedicated purpose. They have three (3) to four (4) LAN interfaces partition the network into three to four zones: WAN, LAN, DMZ and optional ZONE.


To install the pfSense software on a compactflash system to be used with Hacom systems, you will need the following:

  1. Download the correct image for your compact flash.
  2. Using USB compactflash reader/writer to write the image to the compact flash. For example, use the following command to write the image to a 1GB compact flash for the OpenBrick-E, or systems booting from the secondary IDE master drive, (/dev/ad2).
    gunzip -c pfHacom-1.2.3-1gb.nanobsd.img.gz | dd of=/dev/da0 bs=16k
  3. After the initial installation, please configure your pfSense system as desired.
  4. Further instructions are detailed at the on-line documentation available on the pfSense website.


Compact Flash images

pfSense version 1.2.3 (also renamed pfHacom 1.2.3)

For version 1.2.3, we use the nanobsd version of pfSense, and rename it pfHacom. Following are some of the added features of pfHacom:

  1. Dual displays: VGA and serial console. The serial console is configured for 9600 8N1.
  2. Using /boot/boot0 instead of /boot/boot0sio. It fixes the long (55 sec) delay of loading the FreeBSD boot loader in the "standard" nanobsd pfSense.
  3. Adding support for USB keyboard to accompany the VGA mode.


  1. Additonal software as well as the md5 signatures are available at the web site,

pfSense version 1.2.2

For OpenBrick-E or systems booting from the secondary IDE master drive, (/dev/ad2).

256MB compact flash image

512MB compact flash image

1GB compact flash image


  1. Additonal software as well as the md5 signatures are available at the web site, . For example, to load pfSense on a CF on a primary master IDE (/dev/ad0), just use images associated with ad0.
  2. The CF images are based on the Full version of pfSense. It is treated as an "embedded" platform to save the wear and tear of CF. Following is a brief update procedure, it is neccessary
    1. to switch it to "pfsense" platform,
    2. to grab the Full update version into ramdisk,
    3. to perform the update, and then
    4. to switch the platform back to "embedded".
  3. pfSense Software can be loaded on either a compactflash or an internal hard drive on most of Hacom's product for a nominal fee. Please check the software option under the individual product page, or contact us.




Additional Notes:

  1. There is no warranty. The software is meant for experts. It could destroy your hard drive.


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