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Showcases of Applications using Hacom's Products

  1. UMass DieselNet
    "DieselNet currently consists of 40 buses each with a Diesel Brick, which is based on a HaCom Open Brick computer (P6-compatible 577Mhz CPU, 256MB RAM, 40GB hard drive, Linux OS). The brick is connected to three radios: an 802.11b Access Point (AP) to provide DHCP access to passengers and passersby, a second USB-based 802.11b interface that constantly scans the surrounding area for DHCP offers and other buses, and a longer-range MaxStream XTend 900MHz radio to connect to our throwboxes. Additionally, a GPS device records times and locations. Our custom software allows us to push out application updates, take mobility, AP-to-bus connectivity, and bus-to-bus throughput traces..."
  2. OpenBSD 3.5 on an OpenBrick-E
    "How to securely build, using local resources, a transparent bridging firewall using an Openbrick-E and OpenBSD 3.5. Using a 533MHz Via processor with 256MB of memory and a 512MB Compact Flash card, our OpenBrick has no moving parts. With 3 10/100 interfaces, that leaves one leftover for CARP!..."
  3. OpenBSD Transparent Firewall Installation Guide
    "Setup (Openbrick Only). We will install OpenBSD 3.3 (without Xfree) on a CF disk with 512Mb of size, this makes the ..."